736 3 x 4 Lite Lifter Bit

736 3 x 4 Lite Lifter Bit

Posted by Donna Irvin on 31st Aug 2017

Donna Irvin posted on Facebook:  The Sharon Camarillo 3X4 Bit is one of my favorite all around bits for competition and in the arena. The 3" purchase provides slightly more poll pressure than most leverage bits and the 4"shank provides ample leverage for rate. On this horse we used the Power Curb to lighten her in the bridle. Using the power curb makes the bit more solid giving more front to back control for rate. This bit also works well with a leather curb and traditional chain curb.

Question:  Is it good for heavy hands? Curious...i use a six bit now. Yes...a short seminar on bits would be a great addition to Sharon's clinic...

 Donna: Yes just be sure to use a leather curb or traditional leather with chain flat. Another option might be the 3X3 (733 Bit)  as it has 1inch shorter shank. I usually transition my young horses from snaffle or six bit to that one.

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